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Professional Heating Systems
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"This is an update to earlier testimonial. After getting to know more ins and outs of the boiler operation, this system is even more amazing. My heat bill for this winter will not exceed what i have in my wood stock. My house is as warm as anyone who lives here wants it. No worry about an outragious electric bill showing up. We are heating apx 3800 sq ft at 74 to 76 degrees. The little bit of work to keep the furnace running is very simple. I can not say enough about how comfortable 5 people are when its zero outside. More to come as we continue to learn how good this product and the people at Professional Heating really are. I will leave a phone number for anyone considering a central boiler from Profesional Heating. Be happy to tell you what I'm continuing to learn."
Paul & Loretta - Newbury, OH

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Welcome to Professional Heating Systems On-Line

With hundreds of units in the field and the biggest inventory in the area, Professional Heating Systems has been playing a large part in helping families and businesses cut down on their heating costs by installing a Central Boiler System Outdoor Wood Furnace.

Located in Orwell, Ohio, Professional Heating Systems, Inc. is your #1 supplier for Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnaces and Radiant Heat Supplies.

Contact us today for more information about our products and services, or stop into our show room to see some examples of our inventoried items.





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